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PlayFull Dashboard

The Dashboard consolidates data from the PlayPad and PlayFull App and provides custom branded tools for you to directly improve your metrics.

Dashboard Features

Custom Price Plans

PlayFull works with each company individually to custom fit the plan that will help grow your brand and product exponentially.

Custom Branded Games and Rewards

Create custom branded games and rewards to engage customers inside and outside your restaurant. Games are crafted to suit your customer demographic and rewards are based off your food cost and sales goals.


You can view a breakdown of how many times specific customers visit your store in a given month through the dashboard. This gives you the ability to reward your most loyal customers.

Multi-location Control

Control 1 to 2000+ locations with the click of a button. Conveniently manage your analytics, games, and rewards from your computer or phone.

Crowd Fundraisers

Send fundraiser notifactions to all immediate users near the fundraiser's physical address.

Geolocation Rewards

Have complete control over your coupon values that you release to the market in different locations. In addition, you can also follow up on redemption numbers and percentages.

The PlayPad

The PlayPad is a customer-facing tablet next to your POS that gives you the ability to quantify your marketing tactics and ensures secured transactions.

PlayPad Features

Quantify your reward ROI

The PlayPad tracks who is redeeming your rewards and uploads the data to your dashboard in real time. Its QR technology prevents reward abuse so that rewards are only given to customers who have earned them.

Built for Speed

Transactions with the PlayPad are designed to last 3-5 seconds. Reward loyal customers and improve your bottom line faster than it takes to print a receipt.

Quick Set-up

Start accepting customers with PlayFull in 5 minutes. The PlayPad only needs access to power and internet, and does not integrate with your POS system at all.

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